“I needed something as beautiful as my shoes”


Shudoc was founded in 2017 by Yelda Hassan, when she realised the British market lacked the luxury approach to shoe storage.

Determined to create design-led yet sustainable furniture which also showcased British craftsmanship, all cabinets designed and created by Shudoc are made with responsibly sourced materials and produced at the highest standard of British workmanship.

With a unique approach to shoe storage, the cabinets also meet expectations for pieces that are far removed from mass-market products. Our bespoke service also offers further exclusivity for those who want something a little more special. 



Founder’s Story: Yelda I Hassan

Shudoc’s founder, Yelda Hassan has over two decades of experience in the fashion industry and has worked for brands such as Burberry and Reiss. 

Yelda also has a passion for shoes and when she went in search of a storage cabinet for her shoe collection, she discovered the options were quite limited. Neither were quite to her taste or complemented her home interiors.

In a moment of ingenuity, Yelda set about formulating her own. “I wanted to create something distinctive. I wanted my cabinet to look more like wall art, rather than a shoe storage unit”

With a background in fashion design and a passion for creativity and the unconventional, Yelda designed her first shoe storage cabinet for her home. 

“The attention my storage cabinet received made me realise I was not alone in my desire for a contemporary, design-led yet practical shoe storage cabinet.” This led to the establishment of Shudoc.

Yelda is also insistent on homegrown craftsmanship. “I’m a huge supporter of the British trade which is why it was so important Shudoc was entirely British in both its design and workmanship.”

By focusing on design that meets her impeccable taste and by bringing years of fashion education and experience into her creations, Yelda has crafted perfect pieces of practical art for the discernible buyer.